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Blasoslide CGLP 68

Blasoslide CGLP 68

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The Blasoslide CGLP series are slideway oils for slideways consisting of various material combinations. They are based on modern formulas and are available in well-established viscosity grades.



– Developed with a particular focus on the lubrication of slideways in tooling machines and optimized 
 for compatibility with coolants.
– Main application is where an extremely adhesive and compact lubricating film is required
– Suitable for lubricating a wide range of applications in various industries
– Designed for the lubrication of various lubricating points in the metal, wood and plastics industries

 Product characteristics ➔ User benefits
– Excellent adhesion ➔    The required lubricating film remains on vertical guides and under high loads. 
– Broad material suitability ➔    Can be used for a broad range of different contruction types and material combinations in a variety of applications.
– Optimum lubricating capacity and ➔    Prevents stick-slip. This ensures a reliable machining uniform sliding behavior process.
– High demulsibility ➔    Ensures a long service life of water-miscible metalworking fluids. 
– Modern base oil platform ➔    Minimizes the influence on metalworking fluids in order to not affect their performance and quality levels.
– Corrosion and wear protection for ➔    Contributes to maximum durability and highest a broad range of metals precision of the slideways.